CLS Caregivers Also Provides Short-Term In-Home Senior Care in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Racho Mirage, and Surrounding Areas.

Short-Term Care Photo

Perhaps you severely sprained an ankle and don’t have the get-up-and-go that you normally do. Or maybe you are recovering from a taxing illness. Or perhaps a family member has a situation that has temporarily reduced their ability to take care of themselves. Whatever the source of the circumstance that is temporarily hampering your day-to-day life, CLS has attendants who can step in until you are off to the races once again with short term senior in-home care.

Here are some of our services that can let you get the rest you need in your recovery:

  • Light housekeeping – bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, laundry service and more
  • Dressing and grooming – let us make these tasks easier and more comfortable
  • Transportation – we can ensure you make your appointments and get your errands done
  • Meal preparation – We’re here to make (and clean up) tasty, nutritious meals
  • Help with any prescribed exercise programs or medication reminders

We offer these services in various blocks of time, to best meet your care needs—and to bring you back to optimum health! Contact us today to discuss your care needs.