We Also Provide Quality, Caring, Household Services for Seniors in Palm Springs, Palm Desert & Surrounding Areas.

Senior Household Services

Whether some circumstance is preventing you from taking care of basic household functions—or you want to concentrate on other pleasures—CLS can step in and relieve you of those chores. Our attendants know how to make quick work out of routine tasks, and are happy to work with you in making your household run precisely the way you desire. Here are the basics of what we can provide; please inquire if you have special household needs.

Performing light housekeeping, like room cleaning, laundry, vacuuming, ironing, dusting, taking out the trash, organizing household goods or collections

Running errands, like shopping for groceries, picking up medications, dry cleaning, delivering goods or messages

  • Taking care of plants
  • Taking in, reading and organizing your mail
  • Making needed calls, appointments, personal messages
  • Writing letters, sending cards and other personal correspondence
  • Pet care, including feeding and grooming

Of course, your home might have some special needs, like working with home electronics, or security systems or in-home spas and the like. Our attendants are quick to learn, and quick with a smile too. Let’s work together to keep your home running smoothly and securely.

Household Services are so important for in home senior care which directly leads to the quality of life you want them to experience. Contact us to see what we can do for you?