CLS Caregivers Also Helps With Overnight Care for Seniors in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and The Entire Coachella Valley.

Overnight Senior Care & Supervision

What if you normally care for a disabled parent or member of your family, and some event pulls you out of your house for the night? Or if you yourself are regularly attended to by some agency or service, but some circumstance interrupts their ability to deliver that service? That can put you in a difficult spot, one that most people don’t want to be in, having to resort to asking untrained neighbors or family members to step in.

CLS can easily and capably step in, even for a single night—or a single day, for that matter. If you have short-term care needs, we are pleased to offer you the same high level of professional care that we offer our regular clients. That care could include: 

  • Providing needed meals, bathing or grooming
  • Assisting with any routines, such as medication reminders or appointments
  • Assistance with walking, dressing, getting in and out of bed
  • Supervising the client through the night
  • Providing companionable entertainment, including continual bedside care and company if needed
  • Taking care of any shopping, errands or outside needs

You or your family member needn’t have the care routine interrupted by an emergency or unforeseeable event. Overnight Care is extremely important to the health and wellness of aging loved ones. Call CLS when the unpredictable happens, and we’ll respond with a quick solution. Contact us today to discuss your care needs.