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If your circumstances require the 24-hour services of live-in caregivers, we are at your service. CLS understands that fully integrating a stranger into your home to assist you with daily (and nightly) needs is a big undertaking. Whether you or your loved one have a long-term disability that necessitates full-time care, or you are addressing the continuing demands of the aging process, we promise that our live-in attendants are highly trained, sensitive and caring people who will respect the integrity of your household, and work with you openly and completely so that your quality of life is the best it can be.

Understanding the Rhythms of Your Routines

You might be a person who likes to sleep late and go to bed late. Or you like to entertain occasionally. Or you have many pets who need attention and care you can no longer give them. We’ll work with you to understand the particulars of who you are and how you live, and seamlessly flow with the spirit of your home.

Personal Care

Bathing, hygiene and grooming. Basic movement around the home. Getting in and out of bed, and in and out of clothes. Tableside assistance with meals. We are at your side when you need us, and trained in all aspects of personal care needs.

Meal Preparation, Service and Cleanup

Tasty, nutritious meals keep you at your best. We’ll shop for the food, prepare it, and serve it good and hot (or good and cold, if that’s what’s called for). Like to chat while you eat? Our caregivers are there to share a story and a smile.

Household Organization

Whether you need to call the gardener to change to the spring schedule or you want to make sure that a grandchild’s birthday card gets in the mail, we understand systems and schedules and how to keep them up and running.

Pet Care

Your pets are precious to you, and their welfare is attended to with our high professional standards, as well as an appreciation for the warmth and love animas provide. We’ll make sure your pets continue to bring a light to your eyes by keeping them healthy and safe.

Medications and Exercise Assistance

We’ll make sure that any recommended exercise routines are carried out, and we’ll help with medication reminders and medical appointments.


If you need to get to an appointment, want to go shopping, or make the latest movie, we’re here to make sure you get there and back in happy shape. And we’ll leave you at home to relax if there are any errands you need fulfilled.

Being There to Share

Companion care means much more to us than merely a professional bedside attitude. When we live in your home, we will do our utmost to fulfill all of the fundamental needs, but also to provide a warm human face to greet you and share the news of your day, and your thoughts on tomorrow. Let us help with making your home or your loved one’s home a place of serenity and good will.

Live In Services deliver the quality of care for your loved ones. This quality of life care is very important as we age with dignity! Contact us today to see what we can do for you!