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What our Customers are Saying About our Quality Senior Care Services

We are committed to delivering exceptional service. See what our clients says about our quality senior care service.

If you are seeking a caregiving agency that truly comprehends the needs of our elderly, CLS Caregivers is an exceptional choice. Our approach to caregiving is unmatched and extensively involved, redefining the concept of caregiving. The owners, Jill and Michael, prioritize a personal approach, guaranteeing that each client receives tailored care.

“Caring Loving Sharing Caregivers provides me with supportive and attentive caregivers who give my aging mother excellent in-home care. I appreciate their awareness of my mother’s physical limitations and her companionship needs, and the CLS caregivers have become welcome and well-appreciated additions to our household care schedule. The CLS Caregiver Managers have also provided me with caregivers to supplement my role as my mother’s principal caregiver. Caring for an aging parent in poor health is exhausting for a sole caregiver. CLS Caregivers enables me to reclaim some of my time during the day – – to attend to other tasks outside my home and to take a break from my non-stop caregiving role. I know that my mother is well cared for and all her needs are being met, thanks to the help from the competent and friendly CLS Caregivers who support me in keeping my mother as engaged and active as possible. They are a true godsend: a significant relief for me daily and a reliable source of friendly, loving care to my mother. I highly recommend the CLS Caregivers agency for its caregiving support services”. – Karen Kelley, one week ago.

“I have never experienced a company that lives up to its name more than this one. The owners, Michael and Jill, are committed to delivering outstanding care. Their caregivers overcome enormous challenges every day and keep coming back. If you need senior care in the desert, I highly recommend Caring Loving Sharing Caregivers”. – Jon Albert

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