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Senior Protection During Cold & Flu Season

Cold & flu season is upon us and it can be difficult for seniors to stay healthy during this time. They are more prone to becoming sick and if they currently have a sickness, it can worsen. Now that the season is here, consider implementing these tips from the Caring Loving Sharing Caregivers to help your loved one avoid becoming sick.


Many food items are rich in probiotics and one of the best sources of probiotics is yogurt because it contains live cultures. If your loved one doesn’t like dairy or their body cannot tolerate dairy, then there are also supplements that can be taken. Probiotics are important because the body naturally produces good bacteria that assist the immune system to fight off illnesses. Probiotics provide these good bacteria with a boost to assist with fighting off illnesses. The stronger the better! If you or your loved one needs help with determining a good probiotic for their diet, talk to a physician or nutritionist.

Avoiding Heavily Crowded Areas

Large crowds of people always contain at least one or even multiple people who are sick. Therefore, crowds tend to carry many bacteria and germs in which seniors are more likely to catch a cold or flu. It is important to try and avoid heavily crowded areas and although family obligations and social interactions can’t be avoided, it is not ideal for your senior loved one to be present. Family should also be understanding because seniors are more prone to catching the flu or sickness since their immune system isn’t as strong. In the case that you or your senior loved one does need to go out where there is a crowd, it is encouraged to carry hand sanitizer and even a mask while out.

Flu Shot

Doctors recommend that seniors routinely receive a flu shot each year because not only does the vaccine help with the flu, but also provides protection against many strains of the illness. Flu shots are extremely easy to receive and are even administered at many pharmacies. They are also affordable and free for most senior citizens. There are only positive benefits of flu shots and should be received regularly!

Keeping Your Caregivers Healthy

Many times, family members are the caregivers to their loved one. When this is the case, they may unintentionally put their loved ones at risk by exposing them to their own germs and bacteria that they have gathered throughout the day. If you, the caregiver, have been around someone who isn’t well, it is suggested to shower and change clothes before caring for your loved one. It is also suggested to use products like AirBorne to avoid catching any sicknesses. If you feel as though you are catching a sickness or flu, it is important to not care for your loved one, but rather appoint someone else who is healthy to be the temporary caregiver. It is important to not give your senior loved one any sickness as their immune systems isn’t as strong.

If you are feeling ill or for any reason are incapable of caring for your senior loved one, the caregivers are Caring Loving Sharing Caregivers are available to help for any home care assistance that your loved one may need. Our compassionate and caring caregivers have received extensive training and provides the top quality care that a senior can need. We even offer customized health plans that is specifically made based off of the health concerns that your loved one may have for free! Contact us today to begin creating your personalized plan for free or call one of our experienced caregivers at (760) 861-1211!