elderly with family

The Importance of Family in Aging Adults’ Lives

Family plays an important role in the lives of aging adults. Having the love and support of family can help elders maintain a high quality of life and boost their overall health. The engagement could also prevent many age-related conditions that impact older adults. Here are some main reasons why family play a large role in an elderly’s life.

Lowers the Risk of Fraud

Many times, there are people who take advantage of elders due to the fact that they are easy targets. Elders are older and they have cognitive limitations. However, when family members are active in their lives they can help protect seniors against identity theft, insurance fraud, and other types of scams. Family members should check on the elder weekly to make sure there isn’t any fraudulent activity in their personal accounts. They should also check their mail to help.

Makes It Easier to Monitor Health

Active family members who visit weekly are able to determine if there are any changes in their loved one’s health. Seeing your loved one in person gives you the ability to look for warning signs pertaining to his or her health that you won’t get from a phone call. Alongside, your loved one may not feel comfortable alerting you over the phone of their aches and pains. Family members are able to compare and then determine whether or not they would need a caregiver to assist in daily tasks. Watching for changes in the elderly’s health and daily abilities allows one to catch any health issues early and schedule an appointment to help for the future.

Boosts Confidence

Family time is quite important in a senior’s life. When family visits, elders are able to share their wisdom and stories with their grandchildren to help them retain their memory and help them feel better. They are also able to teach their family members, like grandchildren, and this helps boost their self-esteem and strengthen their sense of purpose.

Another source of confidence can stem from having a caregiver. Caregivers not only care for the patient, but also provide a sense of companionship. Our caregivers at Caring Loving Sharing Caregivers deeply care about their patients and always end up becoming a companion.

Provides More Opportunities for Physical Activity

Family visits help the elderly get up more and take part in physical activities. Whether it be walking with the grandchildren or gardening, all physical activity is great for your loved one. This helps seniors manage their weight, boost their cognitive health, and lowers the risk of heart disease.

If you are unable to visit your loved one consistently, hiring a caregiver can assist with physical activities is a great option. Caring Loving Sharing Caregivers can assist seniors with a wide array of daily tasks and will cater to your loved one’s needs. They focus on what you or your loved one wants to focus on and will deliver with care and love.

Overall, it is important for the elderly’s family to be active in their lives. Not only does it make them feel better and loved, it helps with their health. If you’re looking for a caregiver in the Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Indian Wells area, contact us today for a consultation. We are Caring, Loving, and Supportive of your loved one and are here to cater to their needs. We hope to hear from you soon!

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