holidays with family

Alzheimer’s Care During the Holidays

The holidays are here, but it’s the first time your loved one is experiencing it with Alzheimer’s. Not only is it already a stressful time with preparations, but it’s also stressful trying to make your loved one feel comfortable. It is important to not let the stress of Alzheimer care interfere with your holiday joy! We have gathered some tips to assist with making your loved one feel like themselves this holiday season.

Maintain Holiday Traditions

What better way to make your loved one feel like themselves this holiday season than with maintaining holiday traditions. These traditions will hopefully remind your loved one of past holidays and their feelings at that time. If your traditions include traveling or going out to dinner, you can always reinvent them! For instance, rather than traveling, decorate your home with a destination that they would love. Rather than going out to dinner, try a new recipe and have dinner at home. You can even throw in some caroling! Family traditions aren’t about what you do, but spending time with family.

Plan Ahead

We all know that the holidays are an extremely busy time. It’s important to remember to do things ahead of time. For example, if a family get together is a part of your traditions, definitely plan ahead. Determine who will be cooking which dish, who will be bringing the party favors, etc. Even activities such as grocery may be difficult when bringing your loved one. Try going during the less busy hours or even opting into home delivery services! As for shopping for presents, the internet is always the most convenient way! Assist your loved one in online shopping to help them save time and energy and it is also a great way to bond with your loved one!

Share Memories

The holidays are all about spending time with your family. A great way to do it is through sharing past memories with one another. Gather around the fireplace and bring out the old family albums and reminisce on all the fun memories! There are many ways other than gathering around the fireplace as well! You can ask your loved one with Alzheimer’s to help you decorate the Christmas tree and share your memories or while even cooking dinner. Overall, it’s just important to help make your loved one feel happy during these times.

Alzheimer care for aging parents or loved ones can be difficult regardless of the time of the year. If you’re in need of help this holiday season, or in general, the professional caregivers of Caring Loving Sharing Caregivers are able to provide help that you may need as you become busy with holiday preparations. Contact us today at (760) 861-1211 for a free consultation and we’ll even create a plan based on all your loved one’s needs!