The Mission of Caring, Loving and Sharing Caregivers

Having to seek out in-home care for yourself or your loved ones can be an anxiety-provoking situation. Bringing someone into your home, for whatever length of time or level of care, is a deeply personal issue. At CLS, we well know that all families are different, in their needs and in their wishes: we want to assure you from the beginning that fully meeting your needs and wishes is the basis from which we begin our home care, and we move up from there.

We are dedicated to ensuring you a better quality of life by providing the utmost in professional, dependable care, and delivering that at affordable prices. Our emphasis on quality of life means that we work to ensure that you or your loved one remain as independent as you can be, whether in recovering from an injury or in addressing a chronic condition. Respecting the dignity and humanity of our clients is a cherished cause.

You Are in Secure Hands

Our attendants are screened under the most rigorous systems of quality control; their care-giving skills represent the most advanced in the industry. Of course they are trained in the full spectrum of in-home aid—how to give medications, how to bathe a client, how to move an injured client—but what sets CLS apart is the how of that care. We have comprehensive in-depth training on these technical components, but that training is fused with rich emotional support. Great care also champions the nurturing of interpersonal relationships: we communicate our compassion through the whole of our service, and we work from the heart.

Our compassionate care philosophy might be expressed in one word: Empathy.

What CLS Provides You

We offer a full range of personalized care services, which you can see in depth on our Services page. Whatever your schedule, whatever your needs, we will design a care routine that accommodates your situation. Your security and peace of mind are essential to us: we begin from the highest standards, and are always seeking to improve. Please contact us to discuss your in-home medical needs.

After interviewing several caregiving agencies to care for my wife, it was an easy decision for me in selecting your agency. It was obvious to both my wife and I that you operate from the heart…and were we right. My wife looks forward every day for your caregivers to come into our home and for me to get out of the way. You have taken so much pressure off my shoulders. Thanks for bringing life and love back into our home.

John and Carol T.

In-home care is vitally important for the dignity of our aging loved ones!