Read our frequently asked questions about in-home care and senior caregiving services. If you have additional questions and would like to speak with somebody to discuss your needs, please call us at (760) 861-1211.

Yes, we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and meet all the requirements for an in-home caregiving agency.

CLS conducts a comprehensive multiple step interview process with all applicants. This includes an extensive background and reference check, Driver’s license and public records investigation. Additionally, each new caregiver completes detailed training and introduction to the CLS philosophy of care. A member of management constantly makes in-home visits to evaluate the performance of our providers… ensuring that our strong standards are rigorously maintained.

All client cases are given a deep review to try to best match the specific client needs with the strengths and skills of the caregiver. Should the client and caregiver turn out to not be a suitable match, CLS will provide a replacement attendant with the background matched to the requirements. We want you to be pleased with your caregiver, because the relationship is crucial to good care.

All of our services are personalized to client needs on a case-to-case basis. We strive to offer the most advanced care at competitive rates. We will work with your insurance company if in-home care is covered on your policy, and also with Medicare in those instances where in-home care is part of the Medicare benefit.

No. Should you no longer need CLS services, you will only pay for the services rendered.

Most definitely; our management staff makes frequent in home visits to ensure the highest quality of care and client satisfaction. Additionally, status reports are sent to family members, keeping them fully apprised.

Care service providers cannot perform medical procedures, including administering medications. Medications must be administered by the client, family member or medical provider. We will certainly be on hand to remind clients of medication schedules. Caregivers do not perform things like tests on vital signs; those must be performed by a family member or medical provider

We’re here to work with your schedules. We will do our best to adjust our caregiving to suit your needs, and attempt to respond swiftly to any urgent situations.

Certainly. Unless there is some unforeseen reason why your established caregiver can’t make the appointment, we make every effort to provide continuity of care. The relationship of caregiver to the cared for is critical, and we believe in maintaining that relationship as best we can.

Starting time for services are dependent on your specific needs, but often we can be set up to help within 24 hours of contact.

Of course! We very much believe that it’s both the skill of the caregiver and the personal rapport he or she builds with the client and the client’s family that makes the process work. We’re happy to bring everyone together to make sure it’s a fit, and that everyone is comfortable.