Jill our founder... it's about love and kindness

Jill Osorio, Caring, Loving, and Sharing’s founder, has devoted more than 20 years of committed and compassionate work to helping people. But her passion for helping people came well before her career: that devotion stems from growing up with 12 brothers and sisters, where she always helped out – she’s been a giver and a leader from her early years. After graduating from high school, she attended the University of Santa Tomas in the Philippines and volunteered at Makati Medical Hospital. While volunteering, the rewards of helping people and seeing that she could make a difference in people’s lives inspired her to go into the medical field. After her second year of college, she took a break to move to the United States to be with her family. The move to California meant she had to work as a variety of jobs, which meant that she had to put school on the back burner.

In 1988 she went back to school to obtain her certification in care giving. After 19 years of working in the field and gaining the experience, knowledge and human understanding the field requires, she decided to open her own agency. In 2007 she created the Caring, Loving and Sharing in-home care agency. The goal and mission of Caring, Loving and Sharing is to provide the quality care for its clients as Jill and her caregivers would provide for their own families.

Jill embodies the company’s mission of ensuring that each individual client is looked after through a caring, loving and sharing experience that respects the dignity of people’s lives and champion’s everyone’s right to their highest quality of life at home. Jill’s example and guidance provides the compassionate direction for all of the policies and practices at Caring, Loving and Sharing.

“It became overwhelming when my brother and I were informed that both of our parents would be in need of care giving services. Particularly the need for 24/7 care and the deteriorating level of our fathers’ dementia. Your experience in dealing with those issues was quickly recognized by all of us. We know what good hands out parents are in. The name of your agency so accurately represents who you are.”

Melanie N. and William S.