CLS Caregivers understand the challenges of “informal caregivers”, who are usually family members that take care of an elder family member. The informal caregivers encounter many challenges and stresses in the operation of give care. Many Times to the detriment of both the caregiver and the elderly family member.  There is a far better way to provide elder care services and that is to find in home caregivers who are not only affordable but will deliver the highest quality of care to the elder family member. The other huge benefit is the informal caregivers get to return to their own lives without any guilt of leaving their elder family members.

The statics show that over 43.5 million Americans try to care for their older parents, grandparents, spouses, and other elder family members. These informal caregivers are selfless for sure but most are not trained in elder care and that is where the stress comes. Caregivers need to be thoroughly trained to not only handle the stress but also to deliver the highest quality of life care possible. This is no easy task. However, at CLS Caregivers we deliver the most affordable cost coupled with the high quality of life care.

Informal caregivers face many challenges that frankly they are not trained to perform. For example, to bath and dress the elder. Also on that same track to move the elder patient safely from one place to another; one slip and things can go very badly. Informal caregivers face many challenges and that is why we at CLS Caregivers feel so strongly about providing top quality and safe care to elders.

In addition to caregiving when you fold in monitoring vital signs and possibly have to perform life saving measure; informal caregivers are not always up to the task. Not their fault at all but if we want the best qualified care for our elder family members it only makes sense that you let professionals provide such care.


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